More on Timothy Treadwell

I was alarmed when I saw the story on Timothy Treadwell (“Man, Martyr, Myth,” by Craig Medred, Dec. 14). As humans, we expect the rules of society to be bent to accommodate us, and most often society excuses us. Unfortunately, as the article points out, the rules of nature are not so accommodating. We go about believing in a Disneyesque wilderness--that there are no predators, or that someone would or should protect us from them. When a bear, mountain lion or coyote acts like the animal it is and takes something of ours, be it pets or children, or even trespasses on “our” property, we immediately expect the ultimate revenge. More often than not, the animal pays with its life when it dares to encroach on what we perceive as our “rights.” Treadwell became easy prey because he no longer recognized his place according to the rules of nature. I ask that we be aware of our place in the food chain and act accordingly as we enter the wild.

Kathy Kefauver

Santa Barbara