Crowe’s injury delays boxing film

From Associated Press

Russell Crowe dislocated his shoulder in Sydney, Australia, while training for a boxing scene in his upcoming film “Cinderella Man,” Universal Pictures said Friday.

He’ll immediately undergo arthroscopic repair surgery followed by physical therapy, the studio added. That should delay the start of filming by about one month, to April from early March.

The movie, about Depression-era boxer and folk hero Jim Braddock, costars Renee Zellweger and will be directed by Ron Howard, who previously collaborated with Crowe on the Oscar-winning “A Beautiful Mind.”

Crowe, who has had physically demanding roles in such films as “Gladiator” and “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,” injured the same shoulder while training for the upcoming Jodie Foster-directed film “Flora Plum.” He eventually had to drop out of that role.


The previous repair to the shoulder remains intact, Universal said, and the new injury is on a different area of the shoulder.