Support and Continuing Criticism for Riordan


Re “Riordan Apologizes for Joking With Child,” July 6: I cannot, in good conscious, witness these attacks against state Secretary of Education Richard Riordan without saying something. I have met Riordan and many other public figures throughout the 16 years of my life. Few individuals have demonstrated the sincere interest in and generosity to kids as has Riordan. If the young girl and her family, who were most affected by his remarks, have forgiven him, how about some adult-like behavior from others and let him keep his job? We need to address more important issues than name-calling.

Michael J. Brogin

Sherman Oaks

If every public figure were required to show 100% perfection, we would be a leaderless society.

David Alpern

Long Beach

I am going to say to Riordan what I say to all of my students. Saying “I’m sorry” does not give you permission to say or do things that are inappropriate.


Venida Korda

Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District, Van Nuys

Out of curiosity, I researched the meaning of the name Riordan. Not surprisingly, it means Clueless Second-Rate Politician. Well, I apologize. It’s just a joke. No hard feelings, right?

Lawrence Cheung


It is indicative of Compton Democratic Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally’s two-faced standards when he canceled his news conference after learning that Isis was a white girl. Please, Mr. Dymally, spare us your anti-white diatribes if you are not willing to go to bat for anyone but black children whom you perceive have suffered from abuse.

Tesa Becica

Van Nuys