Du-par’s Deal Brings Out the Sour and Sweet


Why was the story of the sale of Du-par’s (“Du-par’s Changing Hands but Not Heart or Soul,” June 24) written in a feel-good, nostalgic style? The restaurants are being shuttered for two months (or more), the staff essentially fired and restaurant interiors redecorated. Anyone who knows and loves Du-par’s understands that the “heart and soul” of the place resides in its staff and atmosphere just as much as in its menu.

It appears that Du-par’s in Studio City, like many other landmarks I grew up with in the Valley, is in danger of surviving only in my memory.

Tod M. Tamberg

North Hills


I’m glad to read that new ownership plans to keep Du-par’s “as is.” For over 50 years, those hotcakes have been part of my life.


As a boy I was taken by my mom to Studio City. As a parent, my wife and I took our little girl to Van Nuys (now gone). The grown-up little girl brought her parents to meet her future husband at the Farmers Market location.

Smart girl: How could anything go wrong when Dad has a stack of “Dooper-Cakes” in front of him?

Joel Garfield