Lakers Enjoyed Quarter Pounder

Times Staff Writer

How bad was it in the 1987 game at the Forum when the Lakers led Sacramento, 29-0, during the first quarter and 40-4 by the end of the quarter?

Reader Charles L. Freeman recalls a quote from the Kings’ Derek Smith: “It was so bad out there, they were running plays for [Kurt] Rambis.”

And reader Daniel Ilario recalls that during one four-on-one break, Chick Hearn said, “Mothers, get your daughters inside ... ‘cause here they come.”

Trivia time: Jack Kent Cooke paid $5,175,000 for the Lakers in 1965. How much did Robert Short pay for the Minneapolis Lakers eight years earlier?


Just the ticket: In Connecticut’s victory over Alabama on Saturday, Ben Gordon made 11 of 19 shots and scored 36 points, and Rashad Anderson made his first six three-point shots.

“They were in the zone so long, they each got parking tickets,” wrote Jim Anderson of the Denver Post.

Even more incredible: Of Bill Walton’s 21-for-22 performance against Memphis State in the 1973 NCAA championship game, reader Cy Bolton recalled that the one miss was a made basket that was disallowed because it was ruled a dunk. Dunks were not allowed in 1973.

Oops department: Last weekend’s Kraft Nabisco Championship is still often referred to as “the Dinah Shore” out of respect to the late entertainer.


It is a name that is fondly remembered. However, as Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune noticed, the media guide of her alma mater, Vanderbilt, in listing the school’s illustrious alumni, refers to her as “Diana Shore.”

Mirror, mirror: NBC course reporter Mark Rolfing, after Tiger Woods missed a birdie putt at 11 during the final round of the Players Championship:

“Tiger said to me, ‘When you can see your reflection in the green, you know the putt is pretty fast.’ ”

A passing shot: Terrell Owens, a guest on Fox Sports Net’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period,” directed this comment about Jeff Garcia at Tom Arnold: “There were situations where I had a guy like you on me and I couldn’t get the ball. He made guys like you look like they could play defense.”


No pom-pom mom: A 36-year-old mother, Angela Louise Toles, recently pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges after being caught on tape swinging a football helmet during a brawl at a junior high school football game last fall in Waterloo, Iowa.

She was the only adult cited in the brawl, which involved a number of players and young spectators.

Toles’ son, one of the players, was caught on videotape attacking a referee.

Trivia answer: $140,000.


And finally: Of Duke’s eliminating Xavier from the NCAA tournament Sunday, comedian Jerry Perisho says, “Fans of Xavier occasionally get a little snooty and feel they have to explain that the school’s name is pronounced, ‘Zay-vee-er.’ Well, folks, Duke just showed you the exit, pronounced, ‘ex-it.’ ”

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