Recalling Lenny

I got a kick out of Robert Lloyd’s article [“The Romantic Hipster,” Oct. 31].

Also, a bit of sadness since Lenny Bruce and I crossed paths many, many years ago. As a very young man I was working as a pianist doing many casual playing jobs. On one occasion I was asked to work with a drummer and a sax player at a strip joint somewhere down on Imperial Highway. (That was OK since Brahms as a very young man played the piano in a bordello, so I was in absent but good company.)

In addition to the strippers there was also a very young comic by the name of Lenny Bruce. He was great, he was funny, no “bad” language to speak of, and a thoroughly nice guy. We had a lot of fun during the two or three weekends the gig lasted.

Sadly, I have long since forgotten the names of the drummer and the sax player, but I will never forget Lenny Bruce.


Thanks to Robert Lloyd for the nice things he said about Lenny at the end of the article.

Marc Foorman