This Deal Stinks: Dairy Farms Get State Funds

Re “State Money Helped Dairies Dirty the Air,” Oct. 11: “Un$@#!*@! believable!” were the only words I could utter after reading your story on the nearly $70 million awarded to state dairies by the Pollution Control Financing Authority. It’s painfully obvious that the three members of this group, another of California’s out-of-control spending boards, live nowhere near the region where these mega-dairies have fouled what was once only marginally breathable air. The money was misspent, says board member and state Treasurer Phil Angelides. Duh, what was your first clue?

I have lived in the Central Valley for more than six years and have watched during that time as the skies have gone from barely pale blue to murky auburn on more days than not. I’m no scientist, but all I have to do is drive past one of these dairies and, stench aside, realize the dangerous problems the particulates they create will cause for all residents.

Gregg K. Knowles



I am appalled that dairy farmers are receiving money designated for California pollution control. Besides generating just about the most pollution of any industry around, the dairy industry practices cruelty toward animals. I refuse to buy dairy products, voting with my dollars against the inhumane treatment of those animals raised for their milk and eventually for their meat, and now my state just hands these farmers money meant for completely different purposes. Something needs to be done about our Pollution Control Financing Authority before it allows any more dairy farms to destroy what little clean air and land we have left.

Laura Frisk