Don't be dogging that Outback

At Farmers Market, a retro hippie guy registering voters stopped me to suggest I read Meghan Daum's piece, "It Drives Straight, Too" (Oct. 14). It seemed like a weird comment, until I came home and dug it out. Yeah, I drive a Subaru Outback too, and I was motivated by, of all things, "Car Talk."

As soon as I phoned a male friend in Minneapolis to brag about my fire-engine-red wagon, he said, "That's a lesbian car!" I immediately charged Minnesotans with mindlessness. Obviously, my friends on the Westside were just too polite to quash my enthusiasm. I love my car and so does my dog, and that's what really counts.

Janine Coyle



I have two 60-pound dogs and one 50-pound dog, and it is true -- the Outback hauls dogs, camping gear and two adults. The Outback is a wonderful and reliable vehicle. I guess people are so infatuated with "show cars" that they forget about comfort and mileage.

Veronica L. Lopez

Los Angeles

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