Cellphone Story Is Breath of Fresh Air

Re “They Can Hear You Now,” Column One, Oct. 21: I love this article! Got up this morning (I live in a small village in Mexico on Lago Chapala), started reading the horrible, sickening news and then ran across this breath-of-fresh-air article. Cellphones on the Amazon, on camels, beating the hollow log as a jungle telephone. Gives me hope for the world again. So very, very refreshing and very exotic. Knowing that something besides war and killing is going on in the world.

I wonder if elephant mahouts in Thailand, Nepal and India have cellphones? “See the pyramids along the Nile, see the marketplace in old Algiers.” Are these days gone forever with the craziness in the world? Thanks for an article that renews my hope.

Betty Petersen

Jalisco, Mexico