Deputies’ Offenses Reported

Times Staff Writer

A uniformed Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who had sex with a prostitute in his patrol car and destroyed videotaped evidence of the incident was among six deputies fired between April and June, the Office of Independent Review reported Wednesday.

The deputy, whose identity was not released and who was not criminally charged, was one of 255 sworn members of the department who were punished for offenses ranging from misdemeanor crimes to immoral conduct and abuse of power.

Discipline, which can range from termination to a reprimand, was imposed on 21 sergeants, five lieutenants and two captains, said Michael Gennaco, who heads the oversight group.

Among the cases in the 50-page report was a deputy who was fired after failing to report or book into evidence marijuana that a night school administrator confiscated from students.


Another was discharged, the report said, after he destroyed audiotaped evidence showing he had committed sexual battery on a suspect in custody.

The deputy was found guilty of a misdemeanor for destroying property, the report said, but wasn’t charged with a sexual offense.

One sheriff’s employee was fired, according to the report, for failing to report a conflict of interest when he administered a department exam to relatives who received perfect scores.

Gennaco noted an increase in the number of deputies involved in shootings. Six sworn personnel were disciplined for not following department rules when using their firearms.