Added touches can’t save ‘Alamo’

The Alamo

Billy Bob Thornton, Dennis Quaid

Touchstone, $30

You won’t want to remember this “Alamo.” John Wayne’s 1960 star-studded extravaganza based on the epic battle in San Antonio was hokey and overlong, but it was light-years better than this boring, poorly acted drama that was lambasted by the critics and landed with a thud at the box office. John Lee Hancock, who did such a lovely job directing the 2002 hit “The Rookie,” flounders with this big-budget film.


The extras on the DVD are nothing to write home about. The production featurettes are pure publicity fodder, with the actors and Hancock talking solemnly about the importance of “The Alamo.” Hancock supplies commentary on the deleted scenes but opted to turn over the main audio track to Alan Huffines and Stephen Hardin, historians who served as the film’s consultants.


Eternal Sunshine of

the Spotless Mind


Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet

Universal, $27

Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman of “Being John Malkovich” and “Adaptation” fame continues to be one of the most innovative voices in American cinema. Though this offbeat romantic drama may not be as satisfying as “Malkovich” or “Adaptation,” it’s one of the better films of the year. The film revolves around a low-key young man (the gifted Carrey) who decides to have the memory of his free-spirited girlfriend (Winslet) erased from his brain after he learns she has had the same procedure done. Midway through the process, though, he realizes he made a mistake and struggles to keep her alive in his mind.

The digital edition includes a passable behind-the-scenes documentary, interesting deleted scenes and a funny free-for-all chat between Carrey and director Michel Gondry.


Super Size Me

Morgan Spurlock

Hart Sharpe, $27

Spurlock won the best director award this year at the Sundance Film Festival for this funny but frightening documentary. Spurlock, who has an engaging on-screen presence, decides to tackle the American obesity epidemic by eating only McDonald’s fast food for a month -- much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, a vegan chef. Within the month, Spurlock goes from being lean and healthy to overweight and sluggish. His doctors, girlfriend and even his mother begin to worry about his health as his cholesterol level goes through the roof and his liver becomes fatty.


The digital edition features several deleted scenes and interviews; a short that chronicles the shelf life of McDonald’s fries; as well as amusing commentary with Spurlock and girlfriend Alexandra Jamieson.


Walking Tall

The Rock, Johnny Knoxville


MGM, $28

Popular wrestler the Rock hit box-office gold two years ago with “The Scorpion King,” but his subsequent vehicles have been pretty dreadful, including this remake of the 1973 hit film.

The DVD extras include a documentary on the movie’s fight sequences, the original ending, bloopers and other deleted scenes. The Rock provides breezy but lowbrow commentary; director Kevin Bray and members of his crew also provide audio commentary.



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