3 Are Arrested After Stabbing at Valley School

From Associated Press

A seventh-grade girl at a San Fernando Valley middle school was arrested for investigation of attempted murder in the stabbing of her classmate on the school’s handball court, authorities said Wednesday.

Two eighth-grade boys were also arrested in the connection with Monday’s attack at Byrd Middle School in Sun Valley: one for investigation of supplying the weapon -- a pocket knife -- and the other for disposing of the weapon.

The victim, stabbed in the abdomen, face and arm, was expected to return to school today.

The incident began with a food fight between the two girls, said Principal Jerry Horowitz, who held an assembly to discuss the attack with students.


“The youngster who actually did the stabbing threw something, striking a friend of the girl,” Horowitz told KABC-TV Channel 7. “She then confronted the one who threw something. They had words and agreed to settle the argument after school.”

Blood was still visible on the handball court Wednesday.

The names of the victims and suspects were withheld because all four are minors.