A big hats off to a treasured Sunday tradition

What a magnificent piece [“The Tiptop in Fashion,” March 24]. What caught my eye initially was the striking, feathered beaded hat. The model was as beautiful as the hat. The article was such a delicious stroll down memory lane; the descriptions were marvelous, and I could see all the colors and envision the beads, feathers and fabrics adorning the heads of the extraordinary women.

As a child, I was not so impressed as I struggled to peer around these “masterpieces.” The article included some wonderful history and explained the history of why dressing up on Sunday has such importance in African American history.

The writer definitely did her homework. I will share this with my friends and family in other parts of the country. I’ve never been a hat wearer; this article made me want to drop by one of those hat shops and try on a few of those works of art.


Shirley Ann Harris



It was great to see a story on hats just before Easter Sunday. The article was well written and gave an excellent background on hats in the black church and the importance of hats to black people. It’s great to see such an article because it helps to educate all of us about a subject that’s not talked about in the mainstream.

Dawn Sutherland

Los Angeles