Avery Blisters NHL Over Fine

Times Staff Writer

Sean Avery, angry after learning he cannot appeal the $1,000 fine the NHL levied on him for diving during a game, lashed out at the league Monday.

Avery was particularly upset that he had not been called for diving by game officials during a Nov. 3 game at Phoenix. Diving is a player’s attempt to draw a penalty by embellishing a fall.

“How can a guy sitting in an office in New York determine if you dived or not by watching a tape?” Avery said.

“They don’t know if you had a bad ankle or torn bursa sac or something. I can’t even tell you what play they are talking about. They don’t have to tell you a play, just what game they are looking at.”


Avery had been warned after being given a penalty for diving against Colorado on Oct. 19.

But Avery, while questioning the league’s decision, also pointed out that he is under scrutiny because of controversial comments he has made.

“No question that this is a way to do something to me,” Avery said. “It has nothing to do with diving. How can [director of hockey operations] Colin Campbell, or whoever it is, sit at a desk and make that call?

“They should send the tape to all seven members of the competition committee and let them look at it.”


Avery said he looked into appealing the decision but learned that there is no recourse in such cases.

“It’s in the collective-bargaining agreement,” Avery said. “That’s something our great competition committee did.”


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