Prius owners making a statement, proudly

Re “Sticker shock,” editorial, Sept. 17

I’m not used to blasphemy on The Times’ editorial pages, but there it was Saturday. Yes, we Prius owners tend to wax on with unsolicited self-righteous orations about all the benefits of driving a hybrid. Our family is probably worse than most because we have two Priuses (Prei?) and a Honda Civic hybrid.

I enjoyed reading The Times editorial, right up to the last sentence. Just a car? How can your editorial page ignore the heritage that made us the gridlocked, smog-choked slice of heaven that we are today? No, the Prius is not just a car; it is a statement that announces to the world: “Katrina was not our fault!”



Yorba Linda


I read your editorial an hour after happily affixing four DMV carpool stickers to my Prius. I hate tofu but do want to do my part in reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Putting stickers on my car is no big deal; I am surprised any Prius owner would object.

Oh, in addition to my four DMV stickers, I have a Canadian flag sticker on the bumper. I guess that means I am also for universal healthcare. And world peace.



Mission Viejo