2 conflict charges dismissed in O.C.

Times Staff Writer

A judge on Friday dismissed two misdemeanor conflict-of-interest charges against a former Orange County assistant sheriff accused in a corruption case.

George Jaramillo still faces other charges related to his work as a paid consultant for CHG Safety Technologies Inc., including charges of taking a bribe and obstructing justice.

He is also accused of lying twice to a grand jury, using a department helicopter for personal travel, and ordering deputies to develop his film, research convalescent homes for his mother and attend a relative’s graduation ceremony.

Jaramillo was dismissed from the department in March 2004.

He has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to go to trial Jan. 22.

The conflict-of-interest charges were dismissed at the request of prosecutors, who acknowledged that the statute of limitations had expired when the counts were filed.


On Friday, Superior Court Judge Frank F. Fasel postponed a hearing on several motions, including one by Jaramillo seeking to have the office of Orange County Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas recused from the case because of an assortment of alleged conflicts.

Fasel indicated he had come prepared to rule on that motion.

He decided against it after the two sides debated whether the defense had broken procedural rules by not providing prosecutors and the court with an affidavit signed by Jaramillo listing the alleged conflicts until moments before the hearing began.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Brian Gurwitz said it was an attempt to “sandbag” him and Assistant Dist. Atty. Debbie Lloyd.

Robert Z. Corrado disagreed, taking the blame for what he said was an oversight as he and his team worked to meet deadlines on a case they inherited last summer.

The recusal motion and others, including one to dismiss the case, will be heard Jan. 12.