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Surfing the Web for new music, video and MP3 downloads can be a serious time investment. Picks from Times staff and contributors will help take the drag out of click-and-drag music choices. Some downloads may contain explicit lyrics. All are free, except as noted.

Chris Lee


"Reggaeton Latino (Chosen Few Remix featuring Fat Joe, N.O.R.E. and LDA)"

Don Omar

"It's not about making a hit, it's about making a classic," hard-core rapper N.O.R.E. grandly proclaims at the outset of this gritty track, which despite its title, is actually the English-language rap retooling of a classic reggaeton track. It also features vocal contributions from Bronx MC Fat Joe and reggaeton duo LDA. Cost: 99 cents.



The Bay Area-native and affiliate of the Hieroglyphics rap collective creates stripped-down neo-soul for the nightclub chill-out chamber. Perhaps none of her songs taps the ethereal cool-out vibe more effectively than "Closer," a breathy essay on wish fulfillment. Cost: 99 cents.

"Pot of Gold"



The Senegalese American contemporary R&B; sensation presents a striking juxtaposition in this sepia-toned video. Images of slavery and police brutality in America abut scenes of exaltation in rural Africa. His honeyed tenor, however, makes the sociopolitical content go down easy.

"Dark Is Light Enough"

The Duke Spirit

London five-piece the Duke Spirit believes in the healing power of rock excess. This seldom in-focus video for the group's single, "Dark," highlights lead singer Leila Moss' spiky stage presence, which is equal parts Nico and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O.

"I'm Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart"


On this hissy, acoustic demo recording, Eels singer-songwriter E's husky baritone looms like a cloud of grief above a delicate piano accompaniment. As per the song's title, he is contrite; looking to make impossible amends, he sounds like he means it.

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