Canseco Traded After Only One Game

One game into his new minor league career, controversial slugger Jose Canseco already has been traded. Canseco was dealt Wednesday from the San Diego Surf Dawgs to the Long Beach Armada, which plays only 40 miles from his home in Encino.

Canseco, 42, said he needs to live at home to care for his 9-year-old daughter, Josie, who will stay with him this summer. In San Diego, he would have lived in a hotel.

"We tried to create some kind of way for me to work it out," Canseco said. "I just couldn't do it to my daughter. I tried to fit every angle possible, but family comes first."

Canseco played one game for the Surf Dawgs, going 0 for 3 with three strikeouts.

He made headlines Monday when he called Major League Baseball "the Mafia," and suggested a continuing steroids coverup. A spokesman for Major League Baseball called Canseco's allegations "complete nonsense."

"Of course, they also called the book complete nonsense," Canseco said, referring to his memoir, "Juiced." "They said the steroid problem was nonsense. The fans and the public are sick and tired of hearing Major League Baseball lie. They're blatant liars and hypocrites, and I've established that beyond benefit of the doubt."

Canseco is scheduled to join Long Beach for its next home game Friday at 7 p.m.

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