Misplaced faith and political power

Re “Book: Bush Aides Called Evangelicals ‘Nuts,’ ” Oct. 13

The new book by David Kuo, President Bush’s former faith-based point man with impeccable credentials as a religious conservative, showcases the gullibility of the trusting flock. Republicans just use the evangelicals for votes while ignoring their concerns about moral issues and ridiculing them behind their backs.

The point is made even more stark by its timing, coinciding with the Rep. Mark Foley scandal. It is not about one gay congressman and alleged child predator. It is about the hypocrisy of giving lip service to moralistic, anti-gay positions while harboring predators among their leadership and dismissing moral teachers as “nuts” and “goofy.” Gay marriage is outlawed while gay legislators are protected and known solicitation of children is covered up.

Republicans complain about the timing of the scandal, but if they had taken action when they first knew about it, timing wouldn’t have mattered. And their defense that “we’re no worse than others” is hardly inspiring.