Just a drop in the bucket

Re “Colorado River water deal is reached,” Dec. 14

We now have a plan to distribute the dwindling, most precious resource on Earth. When will the officials in charge wake up and take some initiative? They should:

* Stop the approval of every request for a new housing tract in California.

* Put some actual bite in the penalties for wasting water.


* Start exploring the implementation of “gray water.”

* Explore desalination (yes, it’s expensive, but so were color televisions initially).

When push comes to shove in even drier times as forecasted, do we think the agreement will stand up as other affected states have ever-increasing demands for water?

Let’s start being proactive now to avoid a reactive situation in which we find some apocalyptic scenario in which various states’ National Guard units face off against each other in a fight against economic and physical thirst.

Until I see positive action in some direction, I am advising my children to settle north, where the water originates.

Robert M. Imm