Put NFL system to a vote

After watching Sloppy Bowl XLI, maybe the NFL's playoff system is not the poster child for how the NCAA should work. Without dynasties such as the Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys or Patriots, any two teams can squeak by a couple of playoff games, masquerade as conference champions and then give us 60 minutes of turnovers and other forgettable moments.

A one-bowl BCS formula for the NFL? I'm just sayin'.




Yeah, the high-profile quarterback got the nod, but the real MVPs of the 2007 Super Bowl were the Colts' offensive linemen. Peyton Manning had all day to wait for and find an open receiver, and they continually blew open gaping holes for the running backs. All this allowed for 24 first downs, and a huge advantage in time of possession.

The real MVPs were the big guys in the mud.


San Clemente


You have to be happy for Tony Dungy. Nice guys do finish first, contrary to what Leo Durocher may have believed. If nothing else, just contrast the way Tony Dungy coaches to the way Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants coaches, (or Bill Parcells). You don't have to be a jerk to excel. Way to go, Tony.


Los Angeles


I have nothing against people who are spiritual or religious. Mr. Dungy and Mr. Irsay are good people, people you would think would know better than to say it was God's will they won. That says the hard work and all the planning and effort didn't matter. How come they never said God cost them all those heartbreaking playoff losses in the past? And was God against the Bears?

You would think such devout men wouldn't cheapen their beliefs like that.


Redondo Beach


The NFL should require that all its coaches and players refrain from comments regarding religion during interviews seen across the globe.

If Coach Dungy had used a four-letter word, said the president was an idiot, called an official a Jew or said Muslims were radical nut cases, he would have been fined, fired and lambasted. I don't want to hear about his religion, or about his color. I want to know how he coached his team and the significant plays of the game.

I'd much rather have the end zone displays. If I wanted a religious message I would change channels. I tuned in for football.




The greatest achievement of Tony Dungy was not being the first black coach to win a Super Bowl, but having all his black players be do-rag free and wear their caps turned forward during the victory celebration. A rare and welcome sight in today's hip-hop-dominated society. That, more than anything, says volumes about the respect and esteem with which he is viewed by his players.

By the way, I don't think it would've rained if both coaches had been white.


Los Angeles


While Lovie Smith's undying allegiance to Rex Grossman is admirable, the basis for that loyalty is simple. Two words: Brian Griese. Or how about two other words: Kyle Orton. Lovie's Hobson's choice is understandable in light of his alternatives.


Los Angeles


How much did the FCC fine the Chicago Bears for the quarterback malfunction on Super Bowl Sunday?


Hermosa Beach


The Super Bowl had cameras all over the place, offering slo-mo, replay, wide-angle, close-up, overhead, cutaways and still shots ... but they couldn't keep those annoying rain drops off the lenses? Not to be overly critical, but Super-Vision could have used more supervision.


Rowland Heights


Dear NFL,

It was 75 degrees and clear as a bell here on Super Sunday.

Just thought you should know.


Los Angeles



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