Alexandre wasn't all that great

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For anyone who has ever uttered, "We'll let history be the judge," Alexandre Daigle is available as Exhibit A.

Daigle was picked first overall by the Ottawa Senators in 1993. He was once romantically linked to Pamela Anderson. He signed an enormous contract. He even boasted after being drafted, "I'm glad I got drafted first, because no one remembers No. 2."

Well, Daigle now plays for HC Davos in the Swiss League.

And the guy picked immediately after the biggest bust in NHL draft history?

The Ducks' Chris Pronger addressed that question Friday during a Stanley Cup finals news conference.

"Funny how things work out, eh?" said Pronger, who was taken second by the Hartford Whalers in 1993. "Again, you're 18 years old. You really don't know what to say, I guess, in situations like that. And I guess my response is still the same.

"We'll see what happens in 10 or 15 years."


Trivia time

Who was picked fourth in the 1993 draft?


Listen to what he meant

NBC talker Brett Hull resurfaced this week to admonish those who took his statement, "I think Detroit is going to win in seven" to mean, uh, "I think Detroit is going to win in seven."

Hull claims his comments after Game 5 between the Ducks and Red Wings were, "If they play the same way in the next two games, the Red Wings have to be saying, 'I like our chances.' "

Hull also could have added, "I was never in the crease against Buffalo; and the Ducks didn't beat my Red Wings team in 2003, we just wanted to give someone else a chance; and I'm really not trying to say outlandish things to create false controversy around me ..."

Briefing apologizes, Brett, if anything was misinterpreted.


It'd be only fare

An Ottawa cab company has decorated its vehicles with Senators paraphernalia -- flags, decals, T-shirts for the drivers -- and is reaping the rewards.

Jacques Labaki, president of the cabdrivers' union, told the Ottawa Citizen that the cabs do brisk business, adding, "All of us [drivers] are newly Canadian. So we're really excited about the series."

Senators fans can only hope the cabbies will get the team's top line -- Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza -- to show up for Game 3 tonight.


Can't take a jab

Before the finals, the Ottawa Sun asked fans to "come up with jokes that involve the Senators and Ducks," promising to publish one daily. That request has since disappeared from the paper's website.

Seems everyone in Ottawa is lacking a punch line.


The cutter must have been working

In sports news from Canada not related to hockey (yes, there is some): Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay -- 20 days after his appendix was removed -- tossed seven shutout innings in a 2-0 victory Thursday night.

If only catcher Sal Fasano had chosen a better metaphor when praising Halladay.

"A couple weeks off, he looked as sharp as a knife," Fasano deadpanned.


Trivia answer

Paul Kariya. And what is he doing these days?

Gone surfing, according to his pal Teemu Selanne.


And finally ...

Kobe Bryant to Pluto?

That's the D-League of objects orbiting the sun, not even worthy of being called a planet.

No way would the NBA ever allow Kobe to go to such a small market.


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