‘Indiana Jones’ items are stolen

Times Staff Writers

Computers and photographs for director Steven Spielberg’s upcoming fourth “Indiana Jones” film were stolen, and DreamWorks Pictures SKG has asked local law enforcement to investigate, a studio spokeswoman said.

“An investigation is being conducted by law enforcement,” said Kristin Stark, a spokeswoman for DreamWorks.

Stark declined to say where and when the theft took place. Officials from the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI and the Sheriff’s Department could not immediately confirm that they were investigating.


Marvin Levy, Spielberg’s spokesman, said the director was concerned that the thieves might be trying to sell the materials.

“We want to warn the media that anything that is offered is stolen property,” Levy said. “We know it is out there.”

He said that he didn’t know specifics about the crime but that he believed it had occurred fairly recently.

Stark said the stolen items contained “confidential and proprietary materials” related to the movie, which is considered a potential blockbuster for next summer. There is much anticipation about the film, which will hit the big screen 19 years after the last installment in the series. The movie stars Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett.