Wrapped up in ‘Wire’; a Jonas Bros. throwdown

The Emmys got it wrong again, but you can still talk about: “The Wire.” The fifth and final season is out on DVD for you to get lost in HBO’s highly touted drama all over again. (Tuesday)

The kids aren’t talking, they’re screaming about: the Jonas Brothers’ album “A Little Bit Longer.” Their single “Burnin’ Up” has already broken into Billboard’s Top 10, and Rolling Stone just slapped their mugs on the cover. It’s too late to take cover, but beware mighty Jonases: There’s a New Kids on the Block “Greatest Hits” disc coming out the same day. Could be an omen. (Tuesday)

Talk about, will many?: “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”? A real test of the Force, this CG-animated creation will be. Interested die-hard “Star Wars” fans, are there enough of? Make this movie, said to be set between Episodes 1 and 2, a hit, can they? Murky, the future is. (Friday)

I’m so hooked, I’m not even ashamed to talk about: the second season of CMT’s “Gone Country.” Just when you think nothing can beat seeing Sisqo and Bobbie Brown try to be country singers, check out the lineup for this season: Jermaine Jackson, ‘N Sync’s Chris Kirkpatrick, Lorenzo Lamas, “American Idol” contestant Mikalah Gordon and Sean Young. Sean Young! Crazy times ahead. (Friday)


Men everywhere are already talking about: “Madden NFL ’09.” If you buy it for the Wii, you can use your Wii remote and nunchuck to do one heck of a victory dance after a touchdown or sack. Wii makes everything that much more awesome. (Tuesday)

-- Denise Martin