Cindy McCain is injured by ‘enthusiastic supporter’


The rigors of campaigning caught up with Cindy McCain on Wednesday. She suffered a minor wrist sprain when an “enthusiastic supporter” shook her hand at a fundraiser.

Later in the afternoon, she stood beside her husband, GOP presidential hopeful John McCain, wearing a soft cast on her right arm supported by a black fabric sling that sported a sparkly brooch.

“I’m absolutely fine,” she said.

John McCain joked that his wife now would “not have to shake so many hands” while on the stump.


The injury occurred at a noon luncheon at the Shenandoah Banquet, Golf and Conference Center in West Bloomfield, Mich., the first of the day’s three McCain fundraisers. The handshake aggravated an old carpal tunnel condition for which the candidate’s wife had wrist surgery several years ago.

“During the rope line, an enthusiastic supporter shook Mrs. McCain’s hand and exacerbated an existing condition,” a statement from the campaign said. “Out of an abundance of caution, she decided to leave the event and visit the local hospital for X-rays, where she was treated for a minor sprain. We appreciate everyone’s concern, and she is back on the campaign trail now.”

-- Seema Mehta