Vinny vs. Jeff

I’d like to believe that T.J. Simers took Jeff Kent’s disparaging remarks about Vin Scully out of context; for Jeff Kent’s sake anyway. It’s already a miracle that Kent hasn’t been struck down at home plate by a Dodger Blue thunderbolt.

Tell you what, Kent. Let’s say you get up there and do what you do best, hit, even if you can’t see that Manny has given you incentive and opportunity and let Vinny do what he does best, call the game of baseball better than anyone ever has and probably ever will. Oh, yeah. Vinny doesn’t have anyone protecting him in the booth.

John R. Grush

Mission Viejo


Communication is not one of Jeff Kent’s skills (like his defense) and gracious has never been in his vocabulary. He can’t carry Vin Scully’s microphone!

Richard Kane


I don’t mind Jeff Kent speaking his mind. I just wish he had more to work with when he does.


Ron Reeve


Let’s face it, Jeff Kent is an incredible athlete; he can throw a wet blanket across an entire room.

Charles Reilly


Manhattan Beach

I’m an 85-year-old woman in love with a younger man and his voice. Cast my vote for Vin Scully to announce the World Series.

Fran Jones

Simi Valley


How many more times will the Dodgers pinch-hit Mark Sweeney before they realize that he’s clearly all washed up? With Sweeney, why bother batting for the pitcher? There must be a more effective pinch-hitter somewhere in their organization. Even Andruw Jones is hitting 40 points higher than Sweeney.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same failing thing over and over and over, Joe Torre should be put in a rubber room.

Peter Rich

Los Angeles


The way he has energized his Dodgers teammates, you have to admit that Manny Ramirez is worth every penny the Red Sox are paying him.

Richard Raffalow

Valley Glen

Funny to see Eric Gag Me unsure how Dodgers fans would react to him. Be sure pal, when you say it’s not the money and then immediately leave for more, we despise you.


There’s a special place in baseball Hades for you, Drew, Beltre, etc.

Bruce A McClanahan

Pismo Beach