A killer let loose on network TV

LYNN SMITH's article was superb. The crime show "Dexter" has shown us that serial killers often make good police officers. What is it about that killer instinct that makes good cops?

I think if you can channel it -- and it took Dexter Morgan a long time to channel it, as we well know -- and mature with it, then I think it's an attribute. You have to get past self-glory (that "it's all me" and "it's my gratification") and make the transition to "a cause greater than yourself."

Evan Dale Santos



HAVE we, as a viewing nation, sunk to such depths of depravity as to make a serial murderer the protagonist of a weekly TV drama? Moreover, this character is a police officer!

There are numerous studies that clearly demonstrate an association between what we view and how we behave. Suppose, just suppose, that somewhere one of these ticking human time bombs has had his fuse lit by a show that seems to legitimize mass murder?

Robert D. Russell

Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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