Prop wagers? You can bet on it

Times Staff Writer

For bettors who want to drop money on this year’s Super Bowl but could not care less about whether New England covers a double-digit point spread against the New York Giants on Sunday, there are always plenty of proposition bets available.

It’s the fastest-growing phenomenon connected with the NFL’s marquee event and also the craziest.

Just look at some of the prop wagers listed at

Tom Petty will smoke a joint during his halftime performance (25-1); Michael Jackson will sing a duet with Petty (10-1); Petty will trip and fall on stage (100-1); Petty’s pants will rip during the performance (10-1); Janet Jackson will be a secret performer during halftime (100-1).


What song will Petty open with? “Free Fallin’ ” (3-1), “The Waiting” (10-1), “American Girl” (7-4), “Running Down a Dream” (11-10), “Learning to Fly” (6-1), “I Need to Know” (10-1), “Don’t Do Me Like That” (16-1), “Even the Losers” (5-2), “You Got Lucky” (25-1).

First beer commercial during halftime? Bud Light (2-3), Coors Light (3-2), Miller Draft (7-1). First car commercial during halftime? Ford (6-5), Chevrolet (3-2), Toyota (3-1). First fast-food commercial during halftime? McDonald’s (9-5), Burger King (11-5), Pizza Hut (6-5).

But Super Bowl prop bets are not just of the bizarre variety. Money can also be won through props tied to the action on the field. Jason McCormick, director of race and sports for Las Vegas Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa, said this is another good way to win for gamblers.

“Two weeks ago in the conference championships both the Chargers and Giants scored first in their respective games and the bettors cashed in,” McCormick said.


“Proposition wagering popularity has grown dramatically in recent years and with so many wagers available the chances on cashing in big on prop bets is a sure possibility.”

And Sunday’s Super Bowl has many available. Here are some prop bets listed at -- Eli Manning’s total yards passing: over 229.5 (-115) or under 229.5 (-115); Manning’s total completions: over 21.5 (even) or under 21.5 (-130); Manning’s total touchdown passes: over 1.5 (-155) or under 1.5 (+125); Brandon Jacobs’ total yards rushing: over 62.5 (-115) or under 62.5 (-115); Tom Brady’s total yards passing: over 300.5 (-120) or under 300.5 (-120); What will Brady throw first? Touchdown pass (-300) or interception (+220); Randy Moss’ total yards receiving: over 90.5 (-115) or under 90.5 (-115).


After Tiger Woods blew away the field to win his fourth consecutive Buick Invitational last week, his domination of the sport is reflected in the updated odds for this year’s Masters tournament.

According to, Woods is listed at 7-5 and the field is at 9-2. Phil Mickelson is next at 8-1, followed by Ernie Els (15-1) and Vijay Singh (18-1).