Icks and interest for Stone’s ‘W.’

Who EXACTLY do you think you are kidding with your “W.” piece? First off, Oliver Stone did not have a “commercial” success with “World Trade Center.” Stone has never made a flick without sticking his ham-fisted message all over it, which is why he has lost his fastball. Josh Brolin and company have decided to drink the Kool-Aid and are heading for Guyana.

Bob MacGilvray

Via the Internet

Bush’s approval ratings are higher than Congress’ numbers. And Congress’ numbers are much better than the approval ratings for “journalists.”


Bush still has his job while newspapers are cutting staff and going out of business. All the antiwar films tank; just goes to show how out of touch with reality reporters and actors are.

Raoul Deming

Chester Springs, Pa.

Ican’t wait to see “W.,” Stone’s take on Bush and gang, starring Josh Brolin.


The picture you ran of Brolin in a jail cell was particularly exciting; I thought maybe it was a scene from the end of the film.

And since the director told your writer, John Horn, “W.” is about “the strange unfolding of American democracy as I have lived it,” I can dream, can’t I?

Henry Rosenfeld

Santa Monica


Thanks FOR the lovely article on Stone’s new film. I’m in and from Australia and cannot wait to see it. I love Stone; someone should make a movie about his amazing life.

James Cromwell is a fantastic choice as George H.W. Bush.

People all over the world are fascinated with Bush.

I think this will be a fine film. “Nixon” is one of my favorite Stone films. I’m a big U.S. presidential history buff.


Bill O’Dowd

Melbourne, Australia