A park versus a power line

Re “A powerful champion of a power line,” April 27

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s support for San Diego Gas & Electric’s controversial Sunrise Powerlink route through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is deplorable.

The California Public Utility Commission’s massive draft environmental impact report for this $1.3-billion project concluded that new local sources of power generation in San Diego County -- including solar, wind and biomass -- were a superior alternative to building 150 miles of transmission lines. The Powerlink’s corridor of 160-foot-high steel towers would ruin the view, imperil natural resources and diminish the sense of solitude in one of California’s most magnificent state parks.

If the governor were truly visionary, he would oppose this boondoggle and champion the idea of thousands of new solar photovoltaic panels on the sun-drenched rooftops of San Diego.


John Evarts


Congratulations to Schwarzenegger for supporting the San Diego Gas & Electric Co.'s power line through the park, and to The Times for covering the story.

San Diego was denied a permit to build a big new power plant several years ago, which put it at the mercy of imported electricity. It is time for environmentalists to stop obstructing these projects and stop hiding behind surrogates, such as the governor’s parks director, Ruth Coleman, who won’t even be interviewed.


Donald Nyre

Newport Beach