Lots of questions

Re " Real questions,” editorial, April 28

The Times poses good questions. Now how do we get a debate format that would come even close to posing them to candidates?

Since the end of sponsorship by the League of Women Voters, presidential debates have become exercises in gotcha journalism and insipid questioning.

Does the omission from your list of any questions about education or healthcare suggest that you think those have been amply covered?


Carolyn Taylor

Los Angeles


Every one of The Times’ questions far surpassed those asked by the debate moderators, but at least three others should be included.


To all three candidates:

* What would you do to end the widening chasm between rich and poor in America?

* How would you restore U.S. credibility abroad?

* Social Security has for years generated surpluses. What specific modifications would you propose to ensure its continued success?


Howard Hurlbut