The wear and tear on the Democrats

Re “Key defection to Obama,” May 2

How many more embarrassing defections does Hillary Rodham Clinton have to suffer before she sees the handwriting on the wall?

My husband and I, like many of our friends, have reluctantly decided that if she wins the nomination, we will simply give up -- and either not vote or hand our votes over to John McCain.

Her proven untruths notwithstanding, Clinton’s tenacious clinging to a candidacy that is supported by less than half of her party is an unpleasant hearkening to the actions of our current president, who remains insular and arrogant, persistently refusing to change his stance on any number of issues, even though the majority of the country vociferously and vigorously demonstrates its opposition.


Joe Andrew is right: The negativity of the Democratic campaign is rapidly becoming a catastrophe, in which America can only lose.

Rebecca S.


Palm Desert



It is clear that the Democratic hierarchy wants this primary battle to end and wants to give the nomination to Barack Obama. But every time one of these “leaders” makes such a pronouncement, Clinton wins the next primary. Democratic voters seem to want to have their say.

I have an idea for the leaders of the Democratic Party. Just allow the process to work its way out. You might discover that the voters are smarter than you.

Ralph S. Brax

West Lancaster, Calif.