Final 'Idol' pits David against David

Times Staff Writer

The finale of "American Idol," the nation's most popular television show, was determined Wednesday night, setting the stage for a David vs. David showdown.

David Cook, 25, of Blue Springs, Mo., will compete against David Archuleta, 17, of Murray, Utah, for the show's coveted singing crown.

After more than 56 million votes were cast by viewers, the two advanced to the final round with the ouster of jazz singer Syesha Mercado on Wednesday night's results show. The 21-year-old from Sarasota, Fla., had struggled through much of the season, often occupying its weekly bottom tier, before surging in the final weeks and outlasting 11 other female contestants. The finals are expected to rank among the most closely fought contests in the show's history.


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