Arcade Fire reportedly at work scoring Kelly movie

OBSESSIVE "Donnie Darko"-philes (or, we suppose, fans of "Southland Tales" too) who keep up with writer-director Richard Kelly's blog saw this little update on production of his new Cameron Diaz-James Marsden nail-biter, "The Box":

"The last few months have been an amazing time for us on the editing of 'The Box.' We're starting to work with a very famous band who is honoring us with being the first filmmakers they've ever scored a film with. Hopefully there will be an announcement soon about who it is!"

If you're inclined to trust the website of noted producer whiz Markus Dravs (which we are), that band is none other than Canada's favorite apocalypse-minded hurdy-gurdy purveyors Arcade Fire. It would be the first film collaboration for the band, and odds are fairly high that Win Butler's less-than-optimistic worldview (and Eli Sunday-inspired wardrobe) will be a perfect fit for Kelly's affection for prophetic outsiders.


-- August Brown

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