McClellan's message

Re "Political world abuzz over McClellan's book," May 29

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan chose to hide his head in the sand rather than reveal the Machiavellian politics of the Bush administration at the time he knew about them.

McClellan could have been remembered as a national hero who exposed the fetid underbelly of a corrupt administration. Instead, he will be remembered as a profit-seeking author who revealed too little, too late.

Phyllis Landis

Ocean Hills


The sub-headline of this article sent chills down my spine: "Ex-press secretary is derided for disloyalty, lauded for frankness."

That certain political actors would expect McClellan to value tribal affiliation over honesty is reprehensible. When we come to value loyalty over truth, we have truly lost our way.

Matthew Bilinsky

Los Angeles


Re "Memoir faults Bush on Iraq war," May 28

Pundits are saying McClellan should have spoken up sooner, when it would have made a difference.

McClellan is a hero. Why is the media so blind and shortsighted? Please connect the dots. He has spoken up right on time.

The U.S. is poised to start another war -- this time with Iran. McClellan's book should remind us how the Bush administration works. Its actions and words regarding Iran smell just like its actions and words when it wanted to go to war with Iraq. Moreover, the media are still allowing themselves to be manipulated. So are many Americans.

I hope McClellan's book will be a wake-up call. Hopefully this time the administration's strategy that the sheep will follow as usual will be wrong.

Raquel Brac



Why did The Times bury this article on the bottom of Page A15? When the president of the United States lies, it should make the front page.

The major news media have failed the American public for years and are still doing so.

Darrell Williams

Sherman Oaks

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