Don't cheat readers

I am very upset by Grahame Jones' mean-spirited, pompous and unbalanced reporting of the Galaxy's game last Saturday. He accuses the Galaxy of cheating for the entire season, a serious charge for which I admonish you and hopefully so will the team, the league and other fans.

I am not asking for a "homer" report on your scant coverage of my team, but at least give me a fair account of the game. Yes, the refereeing is bad in MLS, but balance your view with many calls that went against L.A.

Far Farshad

Pacific Palisades

So, Grahame, the Galaxy "cheated" for a win because you don't agree with the calls the ref made. That is the keen, incisive game summary that I wake up to.

The only thing that amazes me more than the logical gymnastics you used to come up with that gem is that your bosses actually pay you money to embarrass them by printing it in their publication.

Josh Paige

Los Angeles

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