Up around the clock? So is

Leo is a freelance writer.

Jet lag. Insomnia. The stress of a high-powered business trip. Sometimes a traveler wants to step beyond the doors of a hotel room -- let alone the fitness room or hotel lobby bar. maps out restaurants, stores and essential services that are open all night.

What’s hot: Type in your city, state or ZIP Code and get a running list of 24-hour options on the left-hand side. Click on the business name within the list and a Google map comes up with an address for your GPS plus a phone number. I prefer scanning the map with its visual cues -- fork and knife for food, Rx for pharmacy, little man for the police department, and a red cross for a medical center. There are even bail bondsmen listings for when you really need help late at night. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll find it has a mobile version ( and that it’s working on an iPhone app, city voting system and more.

What’s not: It needs to add locations. 2itch boasts more than 500 listings in L.A., San Francisco and Chicago, and I found up-all-night spots by searching smaller SoCal towns such as Carlsbad and Santa Barbara. But a search for Las Vegas returned listings in San Bernardino, Coachella and Redlands. Chicago was a bit heavy on the 7-Eleven and Dunkin’ Donuts listings and New York, an obvious late-night locale, showed only a few cafes and diners. What I didn’t like was a lack of categories -- until I found them at the top of the website by clicking a little light cord. Cute, but not very user friendly.


-- Jen Leo