Weiss website puts flattering headline over Times story


Los Angeles city attorney candidate Jack Weiss’ campaign Tuesday placed its own flattering headline over a Los Angeles Times story posted on his campaign website, making it appear that the paper had declared Weiss the winner of a debate.

The Times story described the combative debate Saturday in Hollywood between Weiss, a Westside city councilman, and attorney Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich. The headline over the Times story in Sunday’s paper read, “City attorney candidates trade some pointed jabs.” The headline on Weiss’ website read, “Jack Weiss Wins First Debate.”

At the request of The Times, the Weiss campaign removed the headline Tuesday afternoon.

Weiss’ campaign manager, Ace Smith, said the headline was meant to summarize the Times story, two other stories and some blog items on the candidate’s website,


He said there was never any attempt to rewrite the Times headline or misrepresent the content of the Times story.

“The headline was a blog headline over all the articles on the debates,” Smith said.