Players getting a bit jumpy

It was time for a lesson at the end of UCLA’s spring football practice Tuesday. The curriculum: Don’t lose your temper and don’t move before the snap.

Coach Rick Neuheisel fired off a stern lecture after post-play shoving and talking became serious. Tight end Morrell Presley ripped safety Rahim Moore’s helmet off. Safety E.J. Woods jumped into the fray, leading Neuheisel to admonish the team, saying, “We’re trying to build a program and you’re doing [foolish] stuff.”

Afterward, Neuheisel said, “You have to remind them they can’t lose their temper. That can cost us a game. . . . Obviously, they lost it and it got personal and resulted in a scuffle.”

Still, Neuheisel said, “You like that they’re passionate. You just have to channel it.”

The flip side came from a cranky Norm Chow. The offensive coordinator put his unit through punitive post-practice exercises to drive home the point that they know the snap count on every play. Players were jumping before the snap throughout practice.


“It was guys who have been in the program,” Neuheisel said. “So we get a little more concentration out of them, that’s the message Norm is sending.”


Auburn vetoes game

Efforts to match UCLA in a nationally televised game against Auburn to open the 2010 season fell apart when Auburn officials decided against the matchup, which was to be played in the Georgia Dome.

ABC was attempting to broker a deal for the game, which would have replaced one against Kansas State on the Bruins’ schedule.

UCLA was offered a game against Georgia Tech instead but declined.


Paulsen’s test results

A UCLA official said that a CT scan on tight end Logan Paulsen’s right foot revealed no fracture.

Paulsen was injured during a scrimmage Saturday, but UCLA is calling it a stress reaction. Nevertheless, Paulsen will be held out of the rest of spring practice.