Homeless in Santa Monica

Re “Santa Monica’s homeless headache,” Opinion, July 30

If professor Gary Blasi really wants to help the Santa Monica homeless, he might try having one, or even several, of them camp out in his yard.

I’m sure that would be nicer for the homeless guy than living under a bush in Palisades Park.

And if it makes the yard less usable for the professor, I’m sure it’s a price he’s willing to pay.

Arthur O. Armstrong

Manhattan Beach


It’s unbelievable that the ACLU would sue “the People’s Republic of Santa Monica.”

The city attracts the homeless because of its liberal policies (lunch on the City Hall lawn?) and the very temperate climate (sleeping in Palisades Park).

I suggest the mayor read about New York providing one-way air tickets for the homeless and emulate that city (destination NYC?).

W.L. Sibley