UCLA, USC fans can't miss these shuttles

The USC-UCLA rivalry will play out at Los Angeles International Airport this football season, with the off-airport parking company the Parking Spot adding new team shuttles painted in the two schools' colors.

If the two shuttles follow the expected bowl paths: USC ends up at the Bradley Terminal for a nice flight to Paris.

UCLA drops you off at Burbank, where you fly to Wichita, Kan.


Trivia time

When the Baltimore Orioles' Boog Powell and the Dodgers' Jim Barbieri participated in the 1966 World Series, what milestone did they achieve?


One-stop LeBron shopping

For the first time, LeBron James commented on the dunk heard and seen 'round the Web during a session at the National Assn. of Black Journalists conference on Thursday. The dunk, by Xavier sophomore guard Jordan Crawford at James' summer camp, was not impressive, except for the fact it came in front of James, who was providing help defense. What made the dunk infamous was that Nike confiscated the video.

"I never told anyone to confiscate any tapes," James said. "Nike has a no-videotape policy at pickup games. Now that LeBron is involved, it's blown up."

James added: "It's a play that happens in basketball all the time. You can go on YouTube and see me being dunked on by a lot of guys. I like to call myself a shot-blocker, and [getting dunked on] tends to happen."

In other LeBron news, James has admitted he smoked marijuana in high school.

Quipped Greg Cote of the Miami Herald: "The national group, People Shocked By That, will be meeting tonight in a Volkswagen Beetle. Front seat."


A long, long time ago

Irving, Texas, city officials held an online auction Friday for items left over from Texas Stadium. Items sold included freezers, scoreboards, curb stops and leftover stadium seats. Not included in the auction was any memorabilia associated with the Dallas Cowboys' last Super Bowl season, as those items are now classified as antique and priceless.


Now we know

UFC President Dana White was asked by the Philadelphia Daily News about his competitor Strikeforce. White needed fewer than 50 words to get his views across.

"Competitor? They have no money, no money," White said. "They have no fighters, they have nobody. They are a small-time show that's trying to act big. They have guys who haven't defended their titles in like two years. Two years!

"Strikefarce, man. It's a . . . joke."

Next question?


Trivia answer

They became the first players to participate in both the Little League World Series and the major league World Series. Powell represented Lakeland, Fla., in the 1954 Little League World Series; Barbieri played for Schenectady, N.Y., in 1955.


And finally

From Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: "In a taunt described as tasteless by Cubs Manager Lou Piniella, the Marlins paraded a goat in front of Chicago's dugout between the second and third innings last Friday.

"The Cubs, seeking the ultimate one-upper the next time the Fish visit Wrigley, reportedly plan to wheel out an empty seat."



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