What Bratton didn’t say

Re “The right time to leave Opinion, Aug. 8

According to outgoing Chief William J. Bratton, there will never be a “good time” for him to leave the Los Angeles Police Department, but this is the “right time” for him to leave, “both professionally and personally.” I do not perceive Bratton as acting “professionally” when he quits his job three years before completing his term to pursue a more lucrative opportunity.

Bratton admits that much more remains to be accomplished. Indeed, I am sure all Angelenos would like to see an even further reduction in crime. Bratton should be committed to finishing his term and accomplishing any remaining objectives.

However, Bratton knows his value as an employee in the private sector would diminish if crime were to increase over the next three years. So perhaps it is indeed the right time for him to leave.


He should admit this fact and spare us the public-relations efforts.

Steve Danning

Woodland Hills