A good scout

I want to applaud The Times and Bill Plaschke for recognizing Phil Pote [Aug. 8], one of the true heroes in our sports community. Plaschke's article on Phil was informative, well-written and, above all, well-deserved.

Similar to the TV show "The White Shadow," Phil Pote was an inner-city high school teacher and coach, having dedicated years at Fremont. He has championed keeping minority youth off the streets and on the field, out of trouble. As much recognition as The Times has given him, he deserves all of it and more.

Dennis Gilbert

Hidden Hills


My late husband was Phil Pote's roommate back in the '60s. His integrity, caring and nurturing of young baseball players in this city is legendary. He has devoted his life to these kids, and as they say, "They don't make them like this anymore." I'm proud to call him a friend.

Ellen B. Rodriguez

Westlake Village


I very much appreciated Bill Plaschke's fine article about scouts and scouting, plus the generous quotes and comments. With my religious restrictions, without the often-reviled Charley Finley giving me a chance to scout, there would be no article.

Former A's scout Bo Palica should also be credited for signing Matt Keogh and Wayne Gross. Who a scout signs is like a player's batting average.

I am just a survivor, but it's "the legends" who deserve more recognition. The Mariners have treated me great -- no expense account needed.

Phil Pote

Los Angeles

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