Not on same page

Jerry Crowe is catching the T.J. Simers disease. I guess if you write for "Page 2" it's OK to skew the facts and insinuate the Corp/Barkley situation was similar to the 1972 national championship Trojans.

However, in 1972, there was NO "quarterback situation" between Mike Rae and Pat Haden. Rae was going to be the starter. Period.

While Haden did get into every game, [it was after] the Trojans piled up the score on almost every opponent.

I'm not taking anything away from Pat Haden. He was a great quarterback, scholar and person. Although Anthony Davis and Sam Cunningham get most of the accolades (and are well-deserving), the 1972 MVP for the football team was none other than Mike Rae.

Mark Larson

Newport Beach


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