Shannon Brown

The Lakers’ 24-year-old guard Shannon Brown hasn’t broken into the starting lineup yet, but the cult following he’s amassed for his sky-walking dunks is reaching Jordanesque proportions. The grass-roots “Let Shannon Dunk” videos on YouTube, which aim to get the 6-foot-3 Brown drafted into the NBA’s slam-dunk competition during All-Star Game festivities in February, have helped fuel the excitement.

My Favorite Weekend: The My Favorite Weekend interview with Lakers guard Shannon Brown in Friday’s Calendar section said the Lakers game that day would be televised on ABC at 5 p.m. That was the East Coast telecast time; it aired on the West Coast at 2 p.m. —

“I got a chance to look at it a little bit and I’m very grateful,” said Brown, who was born outside of Chicago but now lives in Marina del Rey with girlfriend Shardé and son Shannon Christopher Brown. “I hope I do get to the contest, because I’ll be ready for it.”

Today at 5 p.m. on ABC, Brown and the Lakers take on the Cleveland Cavaliers featuring LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal. But here’s how Brown spends time away from the court.


The perfect host

I like to have friends from back home come and visit me, and when they do come out, they always want to come see us play. After the game, we’ll go have some fun across the street at Katsuya or the ESPN Zone.

After that, I just like to go back to my house, which is on a hill overlooking the Marina del Rey area. I’ve got a nice little backyard with a view and a fire pit. Let the fire burn and just relax.

A healthy appetite


For breakfast I like the Original Pancake House in the Redondo Beach area. I’ll get corned beef hash, scrambled eggs with cheese, chicken sausage and pancakes. No fancy blueberry-type syrups. I’ll stick with maple.

After that, we might go down to the beach and just chill out there on the sand with little Shannon Christopher. He’s normally in the house with his toys, bumping into things and breaking stuff, so we’ll go out to the beach and watch the waves and enjoy the sun. Good times.

For dinner, I’m a real P.F. Chang’s guy, and I don’t even have to Iook at the menu. I’ll get the salt and pepper calamari, the garlic noodles, the salt and pepper prawns, the Mongolian beef, the sea bass, I just keep it coming.

My girlfriend and I like some of the clubs around town, like Area, Playhouse and MyHouse. Or we might go see a concert at Staples -- I saw Beyoncé there not too long ago. And I have friends who do stand-up comedy at the Improv, so that’s fun.

Style sense

In my free time, I don’t really cook, but everybody around me does, so that’s a good thing. I do like to do a little shopping. Maybe the Gucci store, or Louis Vuitton. Maybe look for some shoes at Macy’s.

For Sunday dinner close to home, we like a place at the corner of Lincoln and Manchester in Marina del Rey called Italy’s Little Kitchen. My girlfriend likes the lobster ravioli or the chicken alfredo. It’s not a hole in the wall, but not too fancy either. Just a relaxed, low-key place to chill.