Jamey Carroll’s contract with Dodgers does not include donation clause

In a televised news conference last March, on the day Manny Ramirez agreed to his new contract with the Dodgers, owner Frank McCourt announced that Ramirez had pledged $1 million to the team’s charitable foundation.

McCourt said all future Dodgers contracts would include a clause, called the “Ramirez Provision,” that would mandate such a donation.

But the contract for infielder Jamey Carroll, the first player the Dodgers have signed to a negotiated major league contract since then, did not include a “Ramirez Provision,” his agent said this week.

“I’m not even sure what that is,” said agent Jonathan Maurer.


Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch on Thursday didn’t say why Carroll’s contract didn’t include the provision. But he did say that the Dodgers and Maurer had discussed community involvement, including charitable contributions, as part of the contract talks.

Rawitch also said General Manager Ned Colletti had made a donation after signing his contract extension in October.

“We expect Jamey will contribute whatever he feels comfortable giving,” Rawitch said.

The players’ union filed a grievance earlier this year, saying that Ramirez and more than 100 other players from 22 teams, including the Dodgers and Angels, should not have to make a combined $6 million in donations to club charities last season. The union said such donations were improperly mandated; the owners said the donations were freely negotiated.


The grievance is still pending, said Major League Baseball spokesman Pat Courtney. In the meantime, he said, teams have not been told to avoid contractual provisions for donations to club charities.

Maurer said Carroll actively participates in charitable efforts, including the Garth Brooks Foundation, and would be happy to donate to the Dodgers Dream Foundation. However, he said Carroll’s contract does not require such a donation.

“He expects to give back to the team,” Maurer said. “He was not asked to do so.”