Track talk

Re “Poppy reserve says: Don’t tread near us,” July 27

Thank you for this article. I hope enough people take notice and keep this enterprise -- a 3.6-mile course for racing, driving and testing cars -- far, far away from the poppy reserve.

Paul Merget



Good article.

I wish it had mentioned Willow Springs International Motorsports Park. It’s located in Rosamond, not far away, and it’s been there since the 1950s.

It seems silly that developer Tom Malloy would tear up all of his land to build a track so close to an existing motor sport complex, particularly on land that is so sensitive.

Despite what he says, the loss of wilderness in the Antelope Valley over the last 30 years is depressing.

Chris McBean



Your article failed to mention that another racetrack exists in the Antelope Valley and apparently poses no significant environmental harm to wildflowers or lizards or anything else -- Willow Springs International Motorsports Park.


Willow Springs has become an asset to the Antelope Valley and drives commerce to the area. Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park would no doubt do the same thing.

I am familiar with the Fairmont Butte, and I believe the project is, in fact, very sensitive to the topography and environment of its current site.

Efrain A. Olivares



The majority of folks who would be going to that new track, which the local activists mistakenly think will wreak havoc on the area, are actually college-educated family types who happen to have an interest in motor sports.

Thomas Colby

Canoga Park