Maybe this will make Boras popular

Agent Scott Boras was interviewed for the June edition of Playboy and was asked how he would change the World Series.

Boras replied: “I’d modernize it, make it five out of nine games, with the first two in a neutral city. Announce the MVP and Cy Young awards at a gala held between the playoffs and a new World Series weekend. Move the home-run contest from the All-Star game to that week too.

“The gala and home-run derby would lead to Game 1 of the Series on Saturday, with Game 2 on Sunday. Then the Series would go on with the final seven games in the Series teams’ cities. This way, different places get part of the Series. I want the World Series in Pittsburgh, Texas, Seattle. Teams in those markets would sell more season tickets. World Series weekend would be a major stage for corporate events; it could advance the game to the next level.”

Boras said fans come up to him during games to tell him, “You’re wrecking the game.”


What will they say when they learn of his grand scheme to revamp the World Series?

Trivia time

Who is the last NBA regular-season most valuable player to win the league championship the same season?

Watered-down poll


As if those never-ending Vitaminwater ads featuring fans debating the merits of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James weren’t enough, the energy drink company is holding an online vote:

Who’s the best basketball player on the planet?

Bryant is off to an early lead with 54% of the vote.

Better than any sort of poll, of course, would be a head-to-head showdown between Kobe and LeBron in the NBA Finals, right?


So far, the Houston Rockets have indicated they do not concur.

Trivia answer

Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs in 2003.

And finally


From Ian Hamilton of the Regina (Canada) Leader-Post, on allegations Alex Rodriguez used steroids in high school: “That explains the A he got in chemistry.”