Jamie McCourt wants Dodgers out of hearing

Jamie McCourt argued in a motion Monday that the Dodgers should not be a party in a divorce hearing, asking the court to throw out papers filed in the team’s name that “unnecessarily and gratuitously attack” her.

The motion is expected to be considered Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court as part of a hearing to determine the validity of McCourt’s demand for immediate reinstatement as the Dodgers’ chief executive.

Frank McCourt, her estranged husband, fired her two weeks ago. After she filed for divorce last week, he responded in a filing that her reinstatement would be “akin to throwing a bomb into a crowded room.”

Frank McCourt, who claims sole ownership of the Dodgers, said he fired his wife for insubordination; he also claimed she had an affair with her driver. Dennis Mannion, the club president, supported Frank McCourt by alleging Jamie McCourt often failed to show up for work and put her interests ahead of the team.


“Reinstating Jamie . . . would undermine the organization’s ability to function as a cohesive and productive business unit,” Mannion said in court papers.

Jamie McCourt claims she is a co-owner of the team. In her filing, her lawyers said that neither McCourt has asked to include the Dodgers in the case.