Hail Xena; ‘Vampire’ the 2nd

If you’re nostalgic for warrior princesses, talk about “Xena: Warrior Princess.”

Long before Lucy Lawless was going topless in Starz’ “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” she was just a warrior bent on overcoming her dark past and saving innocents to redeem herself in the campy ‘90s cult TV series. Want to relive that Spartan costume? The first season is now available on DVD. (Tuesday)

If you want vampires that don’t sparkle, talk about “American Vampire.”

The second issue of Vertigo’s new monthly comic book series from short-story writer Scott Snyder (“Voodoo Heart,” “The Goodbye Suit”) and artist Rafael Albuquerque hits stands this week. The series’ first story arc, which unfolds over the course of five issues, features two separate stories; one penned by Snyder, the other by horror novelist Stephen King. (Tuesday)


Don’t fight it. You will end up talking about “Glee.”

After a four-month hiatus -- if you can call it a hiatus -- everyone’s favorite singers at McKinley High have returned to finish an already successful freshman season. And just like a prayer, the highly anticipated (by Gleeks, of course) all-Madonna episode of the Fox phenom is finally here. (Wednesday)

If James Cameron has his way, the world will be talking about “Avatar” . . . still.

The biggest movie of all time can now be enjoyed (or maligned) in the comfort of your own living room. But don’t run out and get yourself one of those pricey 3-D TVs just yet! The home version of James Cameron’s ecological allegory -- that explains the Earth Day release date -- is available only in 2-D. (Thursday)


If you’re a RomCom enthusiast, you’ll be talking about “The Back-Up Plan.”

Jennifer Lopez stars as a woman whose biological clock can’t tell time: She’s impregnated at a fertility clinic the very same day she meets the man of her dreams (“Moonlight’s” Alex O’Loughlin). If things end happily, at least she won’t need to find herself a “Wedding Planner.” (Friday)

-- Yvonne Villarreal